Internal Parasites (Worms)

Puppies and Kittens

Strategic Deworming

The “gold standard” used to be running tests of the stool to determine if your puppy or kitten has intestinal parasites. Recent studies have shown that these tests may miss 40% of infections that can be transmitted directly or indirectly to human beings. The Communicable Disease Center and the Association of American Veterinary Parasitologists now recommend routine deworming of all puppies and kittens with at least 2 doses of a broad spectrum dewormer 3 weeks apart .


We used to believe that adults usually develop immunity to the types of worms that can infect humans in this area. However, we now know this not to be the case and that adults can periodically pass eggs in their feces.  Adults, then, should be dewormed yearly with a broad sprectrum dewormer.

Pets that come from or visit areas where hookworms are prevalent should be tested annually for intestinal parasites and dewormed as necessary.

Tapeworms are usually the only worms that are visible in the stool and can be treated with a single dose of medicine.